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Letters to Helena and Minnie Sulman 1925-1949

2 Mar

The letters in the attachment were written to Helena (Ella) and Minnie Sulman in England by their Australian cousins Sir John Sulman (my great grandfather), Annie, Lady Sulman (my great grandmother) and Florence (Florrie) Sulman my great aunt. Jeremy Wagener, Helena’s great nephew, kindly gave them to me.

Letters to Helena and Minnie Sulman

Erika Charola and Felicity Meakins, Yijarni

14 Feb

The attached review is in Aboriginal History, vol 41, 2017.


Jill Roe

7 Jun

My History Australia obituary of Jill Roe is attached.

Jill Roe 1940 2017

My Australia 1970-1981

16 May


Geoffrey Gray, Abrogating Responsibility?

21 Apr

My Journal of Pacific History review of Geoffrey Gray’s Abrogating Responsibility? Vesteys, Anthropology and the Future of Aboriginal People is attached.

Carment_review of Abrogating Responsibility


Letters from Great Britain 1976

11 Apr

Attached are the letters I wrote to my parents during my first visit to Great Britain.


History, Identity and Politics

1 Apr

Recent media attention to whether or not Australia was invaded made me think about some of the historical issues that were being widely debated about 12 years ago. I considered them in the attached address published in History Australia.

Carment AHA 2004


Australian Dictionary of Biography

24 Mar

My Australian Dictionary of Biography articles are found at

Letters from North America

23 Mar

An edited collection of my letters from Canada and the United States is attached.


Maxwell Carment’s autobiography

12 Mar

My father’s unpublished autobiography that he completed in 2000 is attached.

d.m. carment recollections